Stressed Out and Needing an Injection of Vitality?

Often life can get overloaded with worries, anxieties and responsibilities and it can seem a very long time since we have even smiled, let alone had a good belly laugh. We can start to feel stressed out over tiny things. Often this leads to lack of sleep, lack of energy and a feeling of hopelessness. When we are feeling down it is hard to reach out for help because we feel we should be able to cope on our own.


Help is at hand here at Laughterlines Coaching. We know how hard and stressful life can be and how isolating it is to be keeping our feelings at bay, just coping from day to day. So many people are feeling down when there are simple and effective remedies which can help dramatically. Everyone is entitled to be happy, to feel energized and to feel that they are enough as they are, regardless of their circumstances or situation.

Accepting that we are feeling down is one of the first steps to making a change. All permanent change starts with acceptance. Laughter gives us acceptance in bundles! Often we feel we need to deserve laughter or happiness, that we need to have done something worthwhile, clever or important. It is very important that you read and understand the following sentence and let it sink in.


You are enough.


You may not believe me, you may protest, you may argue till the cows come home, but it is true.

Laughter can help us recognise our own beauty and self-worth. When we can stop striving and stressing we can finally relax…and that’s when important change happens.

Individual Laughterlines Coaching sessions are available in order to:-

  • Focus on the lighter side of life
  • Introduce more laughter and joy into everyday routines
  • Increase the amount we laugh
  • Learn to laugh on our own
  • Access laughter regardless of circumstance
  • Invite more play and creativity into life
  • Reduce stress and tension, either mental or physical
  • Learn to be more playful generally
  • Discover how to laugh for no reason and be able to laugh when we don’t feel like it
  • Enjoy an exercise programme which benefits the body as well as the mind

No previous experience is necessary. Participants need no sense of humour, just a willingness to laugh!
Individual sessions are usually delivered in 4 or 8 week packages and can be provided either in the client’s own home or at the Laughterlines Coaching Centre in Bosham, near Chichester. Please contact Laughterlines Coaching on 01243 572381 or email lisa@laughterlinescoaching.co.uk for a confidential chat.

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