Laughter for Health and Fitness

Laughing is an excellent way of exercising the diaphragm, lungs and heart and is suitable for most ages and levels of health and fitness.
Laughter for Seniors are designed to focus on playful interaction with others in a group situation that is both stimulating and energizing.

Laughterlines Coaching sessions can help to:-

  • Improve circulation and respiration
  • Strengthen the immune system and improve digestion
  • Cleanse the body of stale air and toxins, re-oxygenating the whole system
  • Release endorphins which can act as natural pain-relievers
  • Reduce muscular tensions and promote novel ways to relax
  • Re-motivate and energize body and mind
  • Encourage a sense of connection with others and the production of positive thoughts
  • Complement existing health and fitness programmes

Ways to Relax Gently with Laughter

Sessions can be adapted to the needs of the individuals and range of mobility. Fun games are interspersed with movements, deep breathing, songs, laughter exercises and new ways to relax.
The sessions do not require a sense of humour, mobility or peak fitness, just a willingness to laugh and have fun!
Please contact us on 01243 572381 or email lisa@laughterlinescoaching.co.uk to book an introductory Laughter session for Seniors.

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