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Keeping Healthy With Laughter

Laughing is an aerobic, energising workout for both body and mind. A hearty laughter workout leaves participants feeling relaxed, healthier and invigorated. This enjoyable yet strenuous exercise helps participants with a lack of energy to release tension in the body, burn calories and tone muscles…the fun way!

In addition to this laughter can:-

  • Act as a cardiovascular exercise, working the heart and lungs
  • Improve circulation and respiration
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce tension in the body and promote relaxation
  • Cleanse the body of stale air and toxins, re-energizing the whole system
  • Work out the diaphragm, increasing the body’s ability to use oxygen
  • Release endorphins, which act as natural pain-relievers
  • Give an overall sense of happiness and well-being

Keeping Healthy With a Strong Social Element

Laughing in a group is highly contagious and the exercises are simple and fun to do, no sense of humour or level of fitness needed, only a willingness to laugh and have fun! People who have reported a lack of energy generally feel re-energized and relaxed after just a ten minute laughter programme.

Research has shown that one minute of hearty laughter can burn as many calories as ten minutes spent on the rowing machine!

Lack of Energy?

People who have suffered from a lack of energy, M.E. or other energy draining illness where access to a fitness class is not possible, can find that a short, gentle home laughter programme tailored to their individual needs leads them feeling motivated, re-energized and re-vitaised. All participants are advised to consult their doctor before commencing.

Laughter Workouts and individualised programmes can be can be organised at Fitness Centres, Health Spas and Sports Clubs or carried out in the comfort of your own home. They provide a welcome addition to the gym or other more serious types of exercise class for keeping healthy.

Contact Laughterlines Coaching on 01243 572381 or email lisa@laughterlinescoaching.co.uk for more details on Laughter Workouts.

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