Laughter for Family Support

Every family has its regular arguments, power struggles and tantrums that punctuate day to day life at home. Laughing can be a great strategy for releasing anger and frustration safely and for helping to shift perspective.

Laughterlines Coaching sessions can help to:-

  • Unite families in fun, laughter and joy
  • Provide a platform on which to express disappointments or disagreements in a safe and light-hearted way
  • Teach family games that both parents and children can enjoy
  • Increase creative play and positive thinking, stimulating both sides of the brain
  • Give us a resourceful distraction from habitual behaviours and patterns of reacting to events
  • Improve energy levels
  • Open up communication and foster trust
  • Provide a work-out for the body as well as the mind
  • Develop empathy for others and increase emotional intelligence
  • Create an atmosphere of mutual respect and family support

Family Games and Activities

In addition to laughter exercises, a large part of ‘Laughter for Families‘ involves playing fun, interactive family games which help strengthen family spirit and identity. These are non- competitive, where the emphasis is on FUN rather than having winners or losers.
Please contact us on 01243 572381 or email lisa@laughterlinescoaching.co.uk for more details or to book an introductory laughter session for your family.


This is a gradual laughter exercise which builds to an outburst of laughing like a sneeze, but with less mess! As with all these exercises, go gently and listen to your body.

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