Why is Laughter Good for Business and Team Building?

Nationwide, companies are learning the importance of making work fun. Employees who enjoy their work are more productive, more efficient and have less sick-leave than those who don’t.

Laughterlines Coaching Team Building Sessions help to:-

  • Boost creativity
  • Re-energize and re-motivate staff
  • Increase confidence and emotional intelligence
  • Reduce stress relief
  • Strengthen communication
  • Create rapport with customers and clients
  • Strengthen team spirit
  • Improve morale
  • Manage conflicts
  • Sustain a positive attitude
  • Improve overall health and foster a sense of well-being
  • Improve team cohesion

Providing Stress Relief for Staff

Laughterlines Coaching provides bespoke sessions, team building activities and emotional resilience programmes for companies and organizations. Sessions can range from 20 minutes to a full day programme and can be provided at a convenient venue.

Please contact us on 01243 572381 or email lisa@laughterlinescoaching.co.uk to book a Laughterlines session, team building event or conference talk designed specifically for your company or business.

Client List includes:

Aveda, Legal and General, Covidien, Lakeland, Champneys, Chichester College, Goodwood Hotel, Portsmouth Headteacher Conference, Beaulieu National Motor Museum, Kent Headteacher Conference, Sittingbourne Colllege, Estee Lauder, AgencyInc,  BergHind Joseph, Northbrook College, Bournemouth University, Royal College of Nursing, The British Association of Critical Care Nursing, The NHS, Nuffield Health, Aylesbury Vale District Council, Chichester University

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