Life Coaching Testimonials

Sarah B (West Sussex)

"Having life coaching with Lisa has been one of the most worthwhile and positive things I have done in years. Lisa treated me in a totally professional and respectful way and I felt at ease and was able to trust her completely. She has helped me to realise my values, ... Read More...

Nikki B. (West Sussex)

"Excellent session... I was a little aprehensive at the start but as time went on I began to relax and really enjoy the whole session. Laughter meditation was the hi-light for me - I haven't laughed so much in a long time."

Jonathan K. (West Sussex)

"The whole process was very revealing and in today's busy world it is not surprising that one can get out of kilter with what is truly important to you. Actually taking the time to slow down and have a look at your life is in itself very valuable and something ... Read More...

Louise C. (London)

"Lisa`s coaching style is second to none. She has a great sense for tuning in to her client`s needs. She is always impartial and I felt she always understood what I wanted to achieve."

Dianne H. (Hampshire)

"I found the sessions both enjoyable and invaluable as they have enabled me to rethink old mind sets. They allowed me to accept the new challenges in my life with relish."

Helen C. (Kent)

"Lisa was challenging, motivational and always had a way of taking me into the future to see how my goals would look - matching my preferred learning style. Her questioning skills were excellent and this always found me digging deep. After each session I always felt more positive."

Richard S. (West Sussex)

"Lisa is an inspiring coach. Her coaching technique and natural empathy made me feel comfortable and able to talk through my issues. She has a calm and relaxed style which along with her intuition enabled me to focus on what I wanted to achieve. I felt Lisa was my best ... Read More...

Juliette M. (Gloucestershire)

"I found that because Lisa`s approach was positive and genuine there quickly developed a trust between us. This enabled me to discuss challenges with her in a secure and confident way. The sessions gave me increased confidence when taking on challenging tasks, increased happiness in life and increased my ability ... Read More...

Jo S. (West Sussex)

"I started seeing Lisa when I hit a brick wall in my life. I was unhappy in my chosen career and needed clarity. Lisa helped me to find my way and I am now about to start a childcare course. She also helped me to overcome my fear of heights, ... Read More...
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