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The Healing Power of Laughter

Article from New Vision Magazine 2009 Do you remember the last time you laughed until your sides ached? Laughter is a natural skill we are all born with as infants. Children laugh approximately 200-400 times a day, whilst adults average a mere 15 times. So what happens to our laughter as we ... Read More...

Articles and Interviews

Media – Press Articles and Radio Interviews 2008 May 4th -Spirit Fm Radio interview, West Sussex May 6th – Gemini Radio interview, Devon May 22nd - Article in Chichester Observer Magazine ‘Giggles-a-go-go’ June – Downland Village News Magazine ‘World Laughter Day Celebrations’ August 31st- Spirit Fm Radio Interview, West Sussex 2009 January 22nd- Chichester Observer Magazine ‘Food for ... Read More...
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