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Laughter Connects. It creates a bridge of understanding, playfulness and equality. It strengthens relationships, eases misunderstandings and oils the wheels of communication. Would you like to reduce stress levels in your own life, company or organisation? Would you like your employees to feel re-energised, engaged and relaxed during a conference or away day? Would you like to learn about a unique way to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff?


At Laughterlines Coaching we work closely with companies, organisations and event companies to help employees move from stressed to de-stressed using laughter.

Through close liaisons and quality communication we design bespoke laughter sessions and workshops for staff to connect, learn and laugh together in a novel and memorable way.

Laughter helps to improve our physical and mental wellbeing. It adds lightness, fun and meaning to company events, conferences and seminars. It increases our emotional resilience and gives us a fresh perspective on life. It forms strong connections really quickly and strengthens existing relationships. In a nutshell;

Laughter brings people closer together.

Laughterlines Coaching isn’t about the funny one-liners; it is about the lines around our eyes. The unique laughter lines on our face connect us to our most playful self and to others. They signify a life lived to the full.

Life does not always flow smoothly; it can be a mountainous path with arduous twists and turns, never mind the stressful obstacles and overload of rocky responsibility that many people endure on a daily basis. At Laughterlines we are not interested in ‘making‘you laugh or in entertaining you by reciting the latest jokes. We ARE interested in enabling you to connect with your own inner laugh in order to reduce stress, relax and re-energize.

Laughterlines Coaching provides team building laughter events, laughter yoga workshops, conference talks and laughter therapy for businesses, organisations and individuals to help people to combat stress and to live a healthy and enjoyable life.

Our unique approach to the serious business of laughing provides people with opportunities to experience first-hand a release of tension and the joyful effect of laughter. Our sessions combine laughter exercises with laughter yoga games, breathing exercises and coaching, enabling clients to discover how to laugh more easily and frequently in everyday life.

Laughterlines Coaching sessions provide:-

  • A powerful, memorable way for companies to break down communication barriers within teams
  • A unique opportunity for staff and employees to express themselves in a creative, playful and light hearted way
  • An easy, fun way of sustaining energy, concentration and motivation
  • A highly contagious experience that can enable staff to release tension and stress
  • A wide selection of laughter events that can be adapted according to the needs of the organisation
  • Laughter yoga training, coaching and mentoring

Laughterlines Coaching is based in Chichester, West Sussex in the south of the UK and now provides laughter sessions nationwide. Over the past six years we have developed unique sessions for businesses, schools, colleges, universities and hospices and have run laughter programs and workshops for a range of organisations including Aveda, Legal and General, Lakeland, the BACCN Association and the NHS.

Excellent laughter session – great for team building and to raise spirits. Lots of wonderful ideas we can use on a daily basis both personally and in our teams.” M.Crooks

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Laugh with life, spring clean body and mind.

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